How We Make our Treats

Bowl of Soon to be dog treats

It starts With

Fresh Meat

7CS Farm starts it process with a slab of our 10-21 day aged beef that comes from one of our finished cattle.

The organs for the heart, liver, lung, and even tongue treats come from our own butchered animals, or when our supplies are low they are purchased from Bear Mountain Beef in Hawk Springs, WY.

Bear Mountain Beef is a local, USDA inspected butcher and meat processor that works with dozens of farmers and ranchers in our region.

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Making homemade dog treats

We turn it into

Thin Slices

Our next step is to slice the meat into even pieces that are laid out on a dehydrating tray. Our Rough Cut Beef Jerky Treats are not sliced as uniform as the organ treats, since the treats stem from multiple cuts of the animal.

The sliced pieces are then set out to air dry in our meat locker for 12-24 hours to reduce dehydrating time in our dehydrator.

Dehydrating dog treats

Toss them

Into the Dehydrator

The trays of air dried pieces are then put into our compact dehydrators for 3-6 hours to cook and finish the treats.

How Dog treats are made final product


That's All!

It's as simple as that. One ingredient, all-natural and handmade. 7CS Farm strives to keep our processes simple, and our products high quality.

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