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Bio-char Treats

Bio-char Treats

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Support your dog's digestive health with our NEW Biochar treats! Made with hand-sliced, dehydrated liver, our treats contain no additives for a healthy snack that your dog will love. These biochar treats are all natural treats meant to help in the case of accidental poisoning, treating flatulence, indigestion upsets, and even to soothe your pups itchy skin. 

Beef Liver is an amazing source of protein and healthy fats, as well as vitamins and minerals such as: Vitamins A, B, D, K & E, glycogen, folate, copper & potassium. Remember to treat your dog as directed on the packaging!

  • Neutralize toxins: bind and eliminate ingested toxins.
  • Reduce gas & bloating: promote healthy digestion and gut balance.
  • Soothe upset stomach: support a calm and comfortable belly.

We believe in doing right by our dogs, and that is why we only use real and whole ingredients that they love. With 7C’s dog treats, you can feel good about rewarding your dog.

Best kept refrigerated once opened.

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